APL Cartons is an ISO 9001 (2000) certified company and makes use of the 6 SIGMA quality technique to ensure that processes are under control. Being suppliers predominantly to the fruit, food and wine industries, of which exporting cartons forms an important part, APL Cartons meets the many stringent quality and environmental needs of the industry. Regularly audited by several independent bodies, APL Cartons has become a benchmark in the industry.


We have a modern and well equipped laboratory with computerised systems to perform quality tests to ensure that the highest of standards are met. The industries in which we operate have extremely high standards for their markets, many of which include exports to every conceivable overseas market. Rigorous testing and our ability to meet the highest standards in terms of strength, colour and all the attributes needed will ensure that quality cartons reach their export customers in the standard expected.

Research Department

APL Cartons has a fully equipped Research Department with qualified structural designers on their team. Spending more per rand of turnover than the industry average, APL Cartons has many patents and designs registered. Striving to reduce costs and improve value, our product and development team is continually designing and refining designs of cartons for all their sectors. Within this department a team of skilled graphic designers develop artwork and designs for and often with customers as part of the value added service we provide.

Carton Erecting

APL Cartons has a fleet of mobile carton erecting machines and teams of operators who erect cartons at dedicated carton erecting centres. These erecting centres are close to high volume produce areas, or at the producers themselves. Our team ensures efficient carton erecting and provision of high standards of made up cartons. The team is highly trained and disciplined.