What does APL stand for?

Appels Pere & Lemoene

How many colours can we print?

4 Colours

Can we design your carton for you, from scratch?

Yes, we have a fully operational graphics team who can design your graphics for you, or work from existing graphics or material from an agency if needed.

How many people does APL Cartons employ?

Just over 450 permanent people.

Where is the head office?

At our plant in Worcester.

Considering that APL Cartons is owned by 5 shareholders who are all export fruit pack houses, are they able to supply in the middle of fruit season peaks?

Yes, APL Cartons is a 12 month business and has more than sufficient capacity always on hand to supply during the whole year.

Which types of cartons do we make?

Display cartons, trays, layer pads and RSC Cartons (Telescopic Fruit cartons and Wine Cartons are best examples).

Which printing type does APL Cartons make use of?

Flexographic printing is used in our process. We do not produce cartons which have a litho laminate photographic type of finish.

Does APL Cartons supply throughout South Africa?

Yes. We are significant players in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape. We also supply high volumes to multinationals in Gauteng, and we are active in Namibia and Botswana. We have depots in the Eastern Cape, Langkloof, Gauteng and Northern Cape from which we supply cartons.

Does APL Cartons have a carton erecting facility?

Yes. We have a large fleet of machines which erect cartons at carton erecting centres throughout our key market areas or where impractical, at producers' pack houses or farms.

What are our lead times?

10 working days for repeat orders, 15 for new work.

How often do we deliver to Cape Town?

More than once per day.

Which contingency plans do we have in place?

We have several machines which can run similar products and a back-up generator which can cope with most of the plant's needs during power outages.

Do we have our own corrugators / do we manufacture our own board?

Yes, we have 2 corrugators at our plant.

More Questions?

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